We've found a great product called the Beachfront Baby ring sling.  It's the ideal solution for bringing baby to the beach or pool this summer.  Made of light weight and breathable athletic mesh and constructed with sturdy aluminum rings, the Beachfront Baby sling is the newest must have to reach our store shelves.

Let's face it, bring baby to the beach or pool is a challenge.  Along comes the Beachfront Baby sling and your life just got easier.  The breathable mesh is cool and comfortable for both mom and baby.  You can wear it in both salt and chlorinated water with out damaging the fabric or hardware.  The material is fast drying to prevent you dragging home a sopping wet piece of cloth that would be prone to mildew.  

Having baby safe and secure in the sling allows you to have your hand free for other things.  This is especially helpful if you have other kids that need your help and attention.

We also think the Beachfront Baby Sling is the perfect solution for showering with little ones.  Do you have an older child and you've had a hard time showering everyone?  Use the sling in the shower.  You'll be able to have your hands free to get everyone squeaky clean. 

We know this sling will quickly become an item you can't live without.

Did you hear the news?  We are now the Low Country's premier cloth diapering store!  We are proud to announce that in addition to GroVia  Modern Cloth Diaper & Rumparooz, we now stock Thirsties Cloth Diapers.  Also, next week we will be getting our first shipment of Bum Genius!  We are super excited to welcome these wonder cloth diaper brands into the store.  Make sure you stop in and play with the cloth diapers.  We want you to touch, feel and compare.

According to Dr. David Haig, an Organismic and Evolutionary Biologist at Harvard University, there is a Darwinian reason.  It's to prevent you from becoming pregnant again!  Your infant is trying to eliminate any potential competition for your attention by making you too tired for a romantic romp.

Many moms nurse their baby until six months of age, which acts as a natural contraceptive.  Dr. Haig's research found that when babies reach six months old night waking increases, especially in breastfed babies.  According to Haig, "waking at night to suckle is an adaptation of infants to extend their mothers’ lactational amenorrhea, thus delaying the birth of a younger sib and enhancing infant survival. "

So it's not just your lack-of-sleep induced imagination running wild when you think your infant has ulterior motives.  

Read Dr. David Haig's article in The Oxford Journal of Evolution, Medicine & Public Health.