Woombie Air Swaddle Sack
Little CarsWoombie Air Swaddle Sack

Woombie Air Swaddle Sack


Product Description

Swaddling made easy!  The Woombie's unique design is ergonomically shaped and has a special four-way stretch fabric that snuggles your baby and moves with them to mimic the womb, unlike any other swaddler.  The Woombie is the perfect swaddle for your baby, providing a cocooning which recreates the feelings of the womb.  *Hats not included.
  • Perfect for ALL SEASONS! (dress baby accordingly underneath per season)
  • Vented front offers improved air flow
  • Safer than over wrapping with blanket (over wrapping can lead to overheating)
  • Easy to use!
  • Nighttime diaper changes are easy with two way zipper
  • Machine washable

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