Logan and Lenora Mini Wet Bag
Tangerine Zig Zag

Logan and Lenora Mini Wet Bag


Product Description

Sophisticated waterproof wet bag for carrying anything wet! Especially handy for carrying a wet swimsuit, 2-3 cloth diapers, or soiled items. Mini size conveniently fits in a purse or small bag.  The sealed, waterproof, stink proof lining will keep that mess contained until you get home! There is also snap handle for hanging on a stroller or hook.

  • Thick 7 oz. cotton canvas exterior fabric.
  • Medical grade waterproof barrier fabric lining. The lining does not contain DEHP,  Phlalates, or BPA Plasticizers.
  • Waterproof lining seams are heat bonded (no chemicals or solvents used) to create a 100% waterproof seal.
  • Machine Washable
  • Made in the U.S.A
  • Measures 12"W x 11.5"H


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